Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hints and Tips

Check out the Daily Surveys. Everyday CashCrate has 2 daily surveys available and they just added a bonus survey. Each one pays 0.80 cents each if completed. You can possibly make $72 a month just by doing the the daily surveys on CashCrate.What some people don't like about the daily surveys are that they are hard to qualify for. Just keep trying and eventually you will qualify for one. If you have to you can clear your cookies it it says they have run out of surveys. The Bonus survey usually credits within a couple hours but may sometimes take up to a day. The first survey always credits the day after I complete it at 10:03 AM. The second survey usually credits within the same day. On the weekends the daily surveys credit at weird rates so don't get worried if they don't confirm right away.-

Pace yourself when doing offers. Don't try and do all the offers in one day. I usually like to try and do around 10-20 offers a day. I seem to get a better confirmation rate that way.

Check out the CashCrate Forums. There is a ton of helpfull information in the forums and the people there are always more than willing to help out. You can also check out this thread to see what offers are getting confirmed for other CashCrate users.

Don't forget to check out your message center. The message center is easy to overlook. From the message center you can contact your referrer or your referrals. Be sure to keep an eye on it because I like to send messages with news/updates/tips to all my referrals.-

Don't get discouraged or worried if an offer you completed doesn't confirm at first. Some offers get approved within the day, while some can take longer, up to a couple days or up to 2 weeks. Also confirmation rates vary between offers so you may have to do an offer 2-3 times before it confirms. Also, you don't need to finish everything. When the survey takes you to another page that offers a loophole of yes or no answers; odds are that you can close the window and you'll still confirm.

Always use accurate information and always clear/delete cookies before doing an offer. By clearing your cookies, you give yourself a better chance of getting your offers confirmed. A program I like to use is CCleaner. I like it because it lets you keep a list of cookies you don't want to delete. Comes in handy if you are a member of a lot of forums and don't want to keep re-type your login info everytime you clear your cookies.

Some surveys require you to put down a phone #. Instead of putting your home phone # down you can sign up for a free # at

Creat new e-mail accounts just for the survey stuff you do. That way it will not affect your main e-mail address and fill it with junk mail. Also be sure to check your mail because some companys will send you an email to confirm you did the survey.

And remember REFER, REFER, REFER. Don't underestimate the earning power of referrals. Especially our international friends, get out there and tell the world

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Hamisi Kandege said...

Hi, Thank you very much for your information on cash crate. Really it is very helpful. I started doing it last few months and I lose hope, but after going through your blog I gain new hope of doing it perfectly.

Good job.